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The Band

Once upon a time there was an ad for a singer placed in the Melody Maker and the rest, as they say, is history

  • Karyn and Paul have worked with some of the biggest names in the music business, from Paul McCartney to The Commitments
  • Had success with recordings as part of previous groups
  • Recorded in some of the top studios in the world
  • Wonderland began in the late 90's
  • Performed at thousands of gigs and events since then.
  • Paul and Karyn also do pub gigs under the name Retro Flyers
  • And are also known as Wonderland Partyband


Close up image of Karyn

Happiest singing my heart out!


Paul with guitar

Les Paul and Marshall is a marriage made in heaven!


Likes:   Seeing people strut their stuff as a party unfolds!

Sayings:   Dance like nobody's watching!

Happiest:   Singing my heart out!

Relieved:   That Paul is able to fix broken equipment!

Singing:   Don't Stop Believin - Journey or Glee? ..the debate continues!

Dislikes:   Hates traffic jams and road closures on the way home from gigs!

Karyn and Paul





Pub gig in South London


Likes:   People having fun!

Admires:   Jeff Beck's playing!

Factoid:   Apparently when Jimi Hendrix was asked what it was like to be the best guitarist in the world he replied 'I dunno, you'll have to ask Jeff Beck that question!'

Thinks:   Happiness is a warm blue valve!

Opinion:   Les Paul and Marshall - a marriage made in heaven!

Playing:   Walk This Way - Aerosmith vs Run DMC

Dislikes:   Being late and equipment that breaks!



October 2008 - Live

Back in the day!

Paul+Karyn live

How long ago?

Other Singers

If Karyn is away, there are other singers who regularly sing with Paul

All are very professional and experienced

They perform songs from the same Song List in a similar style to Karyn


Mel singing

Singing Live

Mel is a professional and accomplished powerhouse vocalist from west London, her influences include Donna summer, Prince and Freddie Mercury ...she is a versatile performer!


catherine singing

Live performance

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